Southern Baptist Disaster Relief

Alexandria Baptist Church members serve as volunteers with Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief (Southern Baptist Disaster Relief), and have done so for a number of years. The photo on this page includes three (3) members who comprised the incident management team that were deployed to Texas City (TX) and led the MODR response as a result of the Hurricane Harvey disaster in September 2018. Several members of our Church are trained MODR Volunteers in a variety of specialties -- Chainsaw Recovery, Mud-Out Recovery, Mass Care - Feeding; Child Care; Chaplaincy, Communications, Incident Management Team, Showers, Laundry and Water Purification, etc. They have served in a variety of disaster location across the nation -- Winona, MN; Covington, Wapello, IA; LA; Longmont, CO; Maurice, TX; Houston, TX; Walker, LA; Southbury, CT; Texas City, TX; Marshalltown, IA; and extensively throughout Missouri and our neighboring states (Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee). A couple of our members are also trained to serve on teams with Baptist Global Response -- our international arm of Southern Baptist Disaster Relief (SBDR). Our ministry through SBDR and MODR is a wonderful work with glorious opportunities to be the hands of feet of JESUS, share a cup of cold water to souls in need, at very precious and tender moments in their lives. This is truly a very remarkable and viable ministry where true Christian faith is put into action. <><

  March 2023  
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